Communication 24 – Care in the Community

COMMUNICATION 24CARE IN THE COMMUNITY Dear owners, With the implementation of Care in the Community, the community has detected that there are owners who have sometimes had problems finding out where to go when they need a wheelchair or simple crutches. As part of the Community Care program, the community has secured 2 new collapsible […]

Communication 23 –

COMMUNICATION 23 -2023 POOL SURVEYS RESULTS Dear Owners  Thank you to all Owners who took the time to complete the 2 Opinion Polls to which every Owner had the opportunity to partake in. For the pool opening hours, 484 responses were received, and 545 responses were received for the pool monitoring. This is a response rate […]

Communication 22 – Clarification of Wrong Information

COMMUNICATION 22CLARIFICATION ON WRONGINFORMATION – TREES REMOVAL2024Dear owners, Following the communication 19 sent on 01.02.2024, we are contacting you again to clarify the wrong and misleading information that the neighbours have been receiving through different media in the last few days. As indicated, work was scheduled to begin yesterday, Monday 5.02.2024, on the removal of trees near the […]

Communication 21 – Gardening Schedule

COMMUNICATION 21GARDENING SCHEDULE Dear owners,  The works carried out during the previous weeks (5) have focused on the following: Phases 1, 6 & 7 tree pruning.Phases 4, 3, 6, 7 blowing of weeds for sweeper lorry.Phases 1 & 2 manual weeding.Planting of new plants at the entrance of HR, El Casón and the information point.Check and removal of […]

Communication 20 – 2023 Pools & Information Surveys

COMMUNICATION 202023 POOLS & OFFICE INFORMATIONSURVEYS Dear Owners Similar to the previous Supplier surveys issued in January, your feedback is kindly requested taking into account the service provided by Atlantir for 2023.  This year, we have an additional survey regarding the Resort Information Office. The volunteers of the Information Office have asked the Board to facilitate this […]

Communication 19 – Action on Trees

COMMUNICATION 19 – ACTIONS ON TREES 2024 Dear Owners, During the review of the trees in HR, carried out in 2023, a number of trees were detected which, due to their proximity to the façades, are or could cause damage to the structure of some buildings.  Other causalities are trees that are twisted and in […]

Communication 18 – Update TV Channels

COMMUNICATION 18UPDATETV CHANNELS Dear Owners,  Please find below the information provided by AVATEL related to the TV channels: “Due to maintenance of the TV network, maintenance on one of the main antennas, and due to the changes to HD of several English and Spanish channels, tomorrow Wednesday 31.01.2024 from 9am to 2pm the TV signal may […]

Communication 17 – Gardening Schedule

COMMUNICATION 17GARDENING SCHEDULE Dear owners,  The works carried out during the previous weeks (4) have focused on the following: Phases 6 & 7 tile blowing for sweeper truck.Phases 5 & 1 tree pruning.Phases 1, 2, 7 & 6 pruning of teclium in pools 1-3, 2-1, 2-2, 2-3, 7-1, 7-2, 7-3, 7-4, 6-1 & 6-2. Manual weeding of […]

Communication 15 – Repairs on the Sport Area

COMMUNICATION 15REPAIRS ON THE SPORT AREA Dear Owners,  Following the communication 8, may we inform you that the works have been completed today 26.01.2024 by the company EQUIDESA. Please find below some pictures of the completed works.Paddle courts – Before the workPaddle courts – after the workBroken wood into a slide in phase 3 – Before […]

Communication – General Water Cut

COMMUNICATION 14GENERALWATER CUT Dear owners, Following the water cut communication 12, we have been informed by the company Aguas de Murcia (EMUASA) that apart from the water cut in the areas mentioned in the previous communication, there will also be a water cut today Thursday 25.01.2024 in the rest areas of the resort. The intervention is scheduled to last until approximately […]

Communication 11 – Nomination Form 2024 AGM

COMMUNICATION 11 NOMINATION FORM 2024 AGM Dear Owners, We are pleased to announce that we have already set up dates for the AGM of your Sub-community this year. The start date is from 15th February 2024. Emails will be sent to all owners with the date and time of the Annual General Meeting in their building.   […]

Communication 10 – Reminder 2023 Surveys

COMMUNICATION 10 REMINDER 2023 SURVEYS Dear Owners,  Following the communications 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, & 6 issued in regards to the Surveys, we thank all the owners who have taken the time to complete them to date. The number of responses received this year is below the number received last year of the 2022 […]