Communication 58 – Statutes Community of Owners HRGR

COMMUNICATION 58 – STATUTES COMMUNITY OF OWNERS OF HRGR Dear Owners, Following the questions raised by some neighbours about the regulations governing the Community of Owners of Hacienda Riquelme (CP HRGR) and its modifications, may we provide you with information on this subject. The main law governing the CP HRGR is the Horizontal Property Law (HPL). Below, you […]

Communication 57 – Gardening Schedule

COMMUNICATION 57GARDENING SCHEDULE Dear owners,  The works carried out during the previous weeks (15) have focused on the following:Cleaning of workers campound.Phase 2 cutting and cleaning of hedges.Phases 5a and 5b spraying of palm trees against red palm weevil.Manual weeding in Town Hall areas of Phases 1, 2, 4, 5a & 5b.Manual grass watering.Phases 3, 5 […]

Communication 56 – Update Street Closure

COMMUNICATION 56 – UPDATE STREET CLOSED DUE TO WORKS IRRIGATION PUMPING STATION Following the communication 54 where we informed you of the closure of Calle Indico from this morning at 8.00 am, may we inform you that the company in charge of the works has finished for the moment the work on the entrance lane of […]

Communication 55 – Plots of Land That Form The Community of Owners of HRGR

COMMUNICATION 55 – PLOTS OF LAND THAT FORM THE COMMUNITY OF OWNERS OF HRGR Dear owners, Following the questions raised by some neighbours about the plots that form HRGR, here is some information about them. The Community of Owners of Hacienda Riquelme is a Private Real Estate Complex made up of different plots. As you can see in the […]

Communication 53 – Treasury Statements

COMMUNICATION 53 – TREASURY STATEMENTS Dear owners,  Following the concern expressed by some owners in HRGR, we provide below information on the treasury (liquidity) situation* of the GC, EUCC and Buildings managed by the Self-Administration as of 31.12.2023 and after debiting the community fees for the first quarter of 2024 as of 31.03.2024.  *The GC bank accounts are used […]

Communication 52 – Gardening Schedule

COMMUNICATION 52GARDENING SCHEDULE Dear owners,  The works carried out during the previous weeks (14) have focused on the following: Phase 2 & 7 hedge cutting and trimming. Phases 2, 3, 4 & 6 manual weeding. Phase 1 removal of dried palm heart. Phase 1 pool 1.2 palm tree pruning. Blowing of streets for sweeper lorry. Fumigation of […]

Communication 51 – Update TuComunidad App

COMMUNICATION 51 -UPDATE  “TuComunidad” APP Dear owners, Following the launch of the new TuComunidad App in November 2023, we are contacting you again to inform you of the latest developments. Since Wednesday 3.04.2024 many of you have already started to receive email notifications informing you of new documents published in the App. After several months of hard work […]


COMMUNICATION 50 – The company in charge of the pest control in HR – Anticimex – has confirmed the schedules for the treatments against mosquitoes for this season, 2024. Please find the dates and times in the chart below.  RECOMMENDATIONS FOR THE TREATED AREAS Doors and windows should remain closed whilst the treatment is being carried out.Animals […]

Communication 49 – Gardening Schedule

COMMUNICATION 49 – GARDENING SCHEDULE Dear owners,  The works carried out during the previous weeks (13) have focused on the following: Phase 1 & 7 hedge pruning and cleaning. Phase 2 blowing of street for sweeper lorry. Phases 5, 5b & 7 manual weeding.  Phase 7 revision of the irrigation wiring. Pruning and cleaning in El Casón […]

Communication 47 – Office Closed

COMMUNICATION 47 – OFFICE CLOSED DUE TO EASTER Dear Owners, May we inform you that due to the Easter Week and Bank holidays in Murcia (Spring Festival), our office will remain closed from Thursday 28.03.2024 until Tuesday 02.04.2024 (both included). For any emergency situation please contact: Security on (0034) 968 03 20 39HRGR Admin Team on (0034) 628 43 55 23Please note […]

Communication 45 – Slope Phase 7 Volunteers Needed

COMMUNICATION 45 – SLOPE PHASE 7 VOLUNTEERS NEEDED Dear owners, The purpose of this communication is to provide an update regarding the slope in Phase 7. The Board are seeking assistance from Owners with relative experience and knowledge to put themselves forward to form part of the Working Group (WG) we are setting up. The WG […]

Communication 44 – Irrigation Water First quarter 2024

COMMUNICATION 44 – IRRIGATION WATER FIRST QUARTER 2024 Dear owners, Following the communication 36, sent on 9.03.2024, where we informed you about the declaration of drought in the Region of Murcia, we contact you again to inform you about what happened during the first quarter of 2024 regarding the irrigation water in Hacienda Riquelme. As […]