Communication 59 – Result of EGMs Held This Week

Dear owners, 

The Extraordinary General Meetings of the 8 Phases that make up the Community of Owners of Hacienda Riquelme were held this week in order to appoint the Phase President in each case for the current year, 2024.

Below is a list of the representatives of the phases.

At the end of the Phase EGMs, the Extraordinary General Meeting of the General Community of HRGR was held, and Richard Deeley was appointed President of the Resort.In relation to the positions of Secretary and Administrator, may we inform you that Pepa Pérez, the Resort Manager, has been appointed by the Board to both positions.

WE WOULD LIKE TO THANK: From the self-administration team, we would like to take advantage of this communication to:

-Thank the 55 Building Presidents who attended in person, by video conference or gave their proxy to appoint their Phase President in each case.

 – Thank the outgoing Phase Presidents, Patrick Flynn (Phase 6) and Shaneen Benson (Phase 7) for their dedication, effort and long hours of meetings and work as members of the HRGR GC Board over the past few years.

 – Thank the new incoming Phase Presidents, Andy Gill (Phase 6) and Simon Glover (Phase 7) for volunteering to represent the owners of their respective phases, and for all the time we are sure they will devote solely for the benefit of their neighbours. 

– Thanks to the renewed Phase Presidents and Resort President, for their continuity, for the countless number of hours they devote to the Community and will continue to devote, all for the sole reward of the appreciation of their neighbours.

 And thank you all for your continued support to the self-administration team.

Thank you,

Kind regards,