HR Privilege Card Offers


The HR Privilege Card is a discount card for owners and long-term renters on Hacienda Riquelme Golf Resort. We have negotiated loads of deals with local restaurants and service providers to save you money.

Owners and long-term renters (i.e. renters with a rental contract that lasts for a minimum of one year) on our resort can obtain two HR Privilege Cards by going to the Information Office on Calle Egeo on a Thursday between 10:00 am and 12:00pm.

If you are an owner on HR, in order for you to obtain your new cards, we will need to view your passport (or NIE number) and a recent utility bill.

If you are a long-term renter on HR, you will need to obtain a letter of authorisation from your landlord stating that they are happy for you to take possession of the Hacienda Riquelme Privilege Cards. We will also need to view your passport (or NIE number) and a recent utility bill.

If you are a long-term renter and cannot obtain authorisation from your landlord, the HR Privilege Card is available for a fee of 25€. This money will go towards the upkeep of our resort's Information Office. Again we need to view some proof of your residency on HR, perhaps your rental contract or utility bill, etc. along with your passport (or NIE number).

The new HR Privilege Card has a new-look with a vibrant photo of our resort on the front. And on the rear, you will see all our contact details so that you can view all our current Privilege Card offers in more detail.

As and when we receive more new offers, we will publish them onto our resort's owner's website. Also, we have placed all of our current offers onto the new HR Privilege Card Facebook page (, which you are free to join, so you can keep up to date with the latest offers that we have negotiated.

In the event of your card being lost, only one replacement card will be cost-free. Additional or successive replacement cards will be charged at 25 €.

Don't forget to confirm with the service provider that they are still accepting the HR Privilege Card before commencing your transaction.

Going forward, if you have a great meal out, why not explain to the restaurant owner/manager that nearly 2,000 residents at Hacienda Riquelme Golf Resort have access to HR Privilege Cards and suggest they agree to give a 10% discount off the total bill (food and drink) to our cardholders. If you manage to persuade them, please send their details to and we will confirm their offer and publish them.