Pool Rules – re-posted for Information

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Dear Owners and Guests

Following the communication 18, sent the 03.03.2023, with the minutes of the AGM of the General Community of HRGR, you may have seen one of the attachment with the approved swimming pools regulations.
Link below. 

Pools regulations

One of the regulations regarding the use of swimming pools (3.3) is in relation to items left on the pool area. Those items (sun loungers, deckchairs, parasols, floats, etc.) that are found to be abandoned in the pool area will be removed.
Some of these items have been there since the summer 2022 so the deadline to remove them is the 19th April 2023. 
Otherwise they will be taken away and recycled by the waste collection company.
Notes have been posted on the items around the pools, just in case someone does not see this communication.
Pictures below. 7f9c75e1-22c0-d470-3b46-ffae401593f3.jpg 689cdae7-8107-ff69-6a83-765407009559.jpg dd539b61-a952-aa6b-023f-30dc5eec3974.jpg 84ee168b-a88e-8de2-151d-6110e6b641fb.jpg dc90c846-a4b4-64db-7d3c-8da7a31ffcd6.jpg ec95abfd-1ca3-1168-1a6b-7c7865bd8720.jpg 44fbe431-90dd-8570-1066-f9f309523b51.jpg 1d52ccdb-1dcb-476a-ba36-4fc613f8bd92.jpg This rule has already been announced when the communication 77 was sent out of the swimming pool rules for summer 2022, please find it below: 27caeb23-3ada-e1f1-6274-a31880da8164.png It is not permitted to chain sunbeds, chairs, or tables to any community property around the communal pools. Please remove any sunbeds from the communal areas at the end of each day and store them securely on your own private property. Thanks for your anticipated cooperation in this.
Kind regards, May we remind you that there is an application to report incidents created exclusively for Hacienda Riquelme owners. This will speed up the reporting and resolution of incidents. For more information please contactinfo@urbit-app.com bb3bd7dc-a643-4868-9110-4161df6c806f.jpg Please, note that it is not permitted to share any of the contents of this email in any social media platforms. Legal actions will be considered if any this information is shared.  This message and its contents may contain confidential information and its non-authorised use is prohibited by law. If you are not the intended recipient of this email, please, advise this fact using the same, or other mode, and delete this message and its contents from your system without copying, forwarding or revealing the contents of the message to any other person. In addition, we inform you that the distribution, copy or use of this message and its attached documents with any purpose are prohibited by law. In order to comply with General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), you can exercise right of access, rectification, erasure, restriction of processing, portability and object, sending an e-mail to: or written communication to the following address: Ctra. Avileses-sucina, Km. 6., 30590 – Sucina (Murcia)
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