Communication 96 – Pool Rules & Minutes EGM GC HRGR 14/07/2023


Dear owners,  

Following their successful introduction in summer 2022, the Board voted in February 2023 to again employ 2 dedicated pool monitoring guards for the peak 2023 summer period (July and August) when antisocial behaviour incidents historically increase markedly.  

After the weekend of 8th / 9th July the Board was made aware of significant antisocial occurrences at various pools. Due to the seriousness of these and in response to further concerns raised by owners it was felt that something urgently needed to be done to ensure owners and their guests were able to enjoy their time in and around our pools.  

Seven of the eight Phase Presidents who were able to attend at very short notice along with Pepa Perez, the Resort Manager and Manuel Sanchez, the Resort Lawyer met over zoom on Tuesday 11th July to discuss these major issues.
Following this conversation an EGM was scheduled for Friday 14th July 2023 for the Board of the General Community.
Six Phase Presidents were able to attend the EGM on zoom along with both the Resort Manager and Resort Lawyer. The two other Phase Presidents were represented by proxy.  
During the course of the zoom meeting on Tuesday 11th two areas of focus directly related to the use of the resort pool facilities were discussed and debated at length.
These were discussed again, albeit briefly ahead of voting at the EGM on Friday 14th July. Phase Presidents voted having sought input from the BPs who were able to respond in the time scale available. 
The Resort is not legally able, nor would we seek to restrict the number of visitors to an apartment. The Resort can however regulate the number of those visitors that may use the pool facilities at any one time.
Following a discussion, it was approved by a majority to limit to 6 the number of people from an apartment who may use the pool facilities at any one time.
Currently as the Resort doesn’t limit the number of pool users in any way the guards aren’t able to ask large groups of more than 6 to leave the pool areas. To assist the guards with monitoring the number of people using the pool facilities the distribution of 6 wristbands per apartment was debated.  

The Committee approved by a majority a trial distribution of 6 wristbands per apartment to allow pool access starting no earlier than 1st August 2023 (the date is dependent on the express delivery of the wristbands from the manufacturer).
The trial will finish on 31st October 2023.
The results of the trial will be reviewed ahead of the summer 2024 season.  

Bands do not need to be physically worn but should be available to produce if requested.

Wristbands will be used to assist the guards in the event of antisocial behaviour.

The pool guards may ask individuals to confirm their identity. Failure to comply with this request may result in the guard requesting support from the Guardia Civil.  

We hope that the decisions made will enable everyone to enjoy using our private facilities.

Related to the EGM of the GC of HRGR, in the link below you can download the Minutes with the items voted. 

Minutes EGM GC HRGR 14.07.2023
There will be a separate communication shortly with the wristbands procedure.
Thank you. 
Kind regards, 
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