Communication 92 – Information Office


Dear owners,

Please find below a communication sent by the volunteers of the Information Office:

“Dear owners,  

One of the issues raised recently was the use of the information point as a collection point for the disposal of items by owners, particularly referenced by the leaving of books outside the information point doors.
The disposal of surplus items has been a consistent problem for the volunteers who attend the information point and whose prime role is to assist people with advice and not to be disposable agents for those owners who want to get rid of surplus goods. 
The best solution for everyone is an arrangement that benefits both local charity outlets and owners. We have arranged for a collection service every fortnight where items can be taken to the information point and a charity will collect them. Items that can be taken away include books, dvd’s, bric a brac in good condition and clothing.  The only stipulation is that items are packaged and labelled since the volunteers will be responsible for ensuring that the collection drivers know the contents of all items.
This is a trial arrangement commencing 19th July. If successful we would like to initiate a regular service.

If you have anything to donate please contact David at following email. 

Thank you

Kind regards,

The Information Office volunteers”. Thank you, 
Kind regards,  bb3bd7dc-a643-4868-9110-4161df6c806f.jpg