Communication 91 – New Pool Gates



Dear owners,

As you may recall, one of the projects for 2023 included in line 25 of HRGR’s General Community budget was the replacement of the swimming pool gates with the main objective of covering all safety and access points for children. 

After the corresponding tender carried out during the month of June 2023 finally the installation of the new gates in galvanized iron and thermo-lacquered in brown that give access to the swimming pools has started today. These include a security latch system to prevent access by children without the supervision of their parents. 

As a reminder, the amount allocated in the budget for this job was of 23.000€. Due to the good negotiations of the HRGR Admin and the help of the members of Board on finding the latches at a cheapest cost, the final cost is going to be around 15.000 € so, 8.000€ saving. 
Special thanks to Sheila Richardson, President of Phase 5B for securing the contact of the security latches company. 

Despite the very high temperatures today in HR and the difficulty of working outside, the company in charge of the works along with Jose, the maintenance man, have left the new gates and security latches installed for the pools in Phase 4, Phase 5A & B and pool 1-1 of Phase 1. 
Tomorrow they will continue with the remaining two pools in Phase 1, continuing through Phase 7 and then moving up to Phase 6 to Phase 2 and finishing in Phase 3. 

It is expected that all the pools are complete before the end of the week. 
Below are photographs of the new gates and safety latches. 
040e10ed-f568-472e-0852-8df2bcc7c77d.jpg 74b1926c-755c-0bb7-ade9-f0500c569787.jpg To open the safety latch you have to lift the small knob on the top of the latch.  Below is the link to download a short video to see how to do it.  Video with instructions to open the latch Although the lock has a key lock, we confirm that none of the locks are locked.  The key lock is only to be used when the pool has to be closed for work, disinfection due to faeces in the water, etc.  Once again we wish you to enjoy the summer but always with respect for the rest of the neighbours and the facilities.  Thank you. 
Kind regards, bb3bd7dc-a643-4868-9110-4161df6c806f.jpg
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