Dear Owners,

There has been much discussion recently, on various social media sites, regarding the reasons for the transition of resort management, from an external company (external administrator), to self administration. Whilst this was put to a public vote at the time (see references in the link below), hopefully this letter, along with the associated information, will explain the reasoning behind adopting a system of self administration. The previous external administrators were providing services to ourselves along with several other resorts.
This was diluting the services we received, as not one of the eight employees in the offices (HR buildings at the gatehouse), worked exclusively for the Hacienda Resort.The negotiations between the then Board and external administrators, regarding future costs and expenses (contracts) charged to the Hacienda, were forecast to increase considerably, significantly more than any previous year on year increases, and deemed to be excessive, with no correlation to the then current CPI, (consumer price index).After long and difficult discussions, it was voted and decided to go down the route of Self Administration. This decision was made not only because of the projected cost savings, which were considerable, but also because the resort would then have complete autonomy over its own affairs. Since the inception of Self Administration, the team, with the help of Manuel, the resort’s lawyer, have recovered in excess of 1.5 Million Euros from the Polaris World debt, and over 216,826.00 Euros from other debtors on the resort. We only have 81 debtors as of 31.12.2022.The Self Administration team are all employees of the Hacienda. Pepa Perez, the team administrator and our resort manager has a wealth of experience, with nationally recognised qualifications, equipping her with the knowledge and expertise to undertake these roles. The other hardworking members of the team are Charlotte, Fayza and our latest recruit, Miriam, who are all committed to the seamless running of our resort, and prepared to voluntarily work additional hours as and when required.HRGR SELF-ADMIN EXTENDED VERSIONThank you.Kind regards,
Board of the General Community of HRGR
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