Communication 8 – Repairs on the Sports Area

09a27022-f8c2-48f2-a36d-adab7f054e16.png COMMUNICATION 8 REPAIRS ON THE SPORT AREA
Dear Owners, 

As many of you may have noticed, especially those owners who use the sports area, some areas and in particular the artificial grass of the paddle court need immediate maintenance and conservation work. 

Just this week we have carried out the repair of the access road that connects the outdoor gymnasium with the parking area. 

In addition, we would like to inform you that next week it is planned to change the artificial turf of the 2 paddle courts as well as the replacement of some items such as the basketball hoop, etc. 

The work will start on Monday 22.01.2024 and the company in charge of this work is EQUIDESA. 

Another action that will also be carried out next week is the replacement of one side of the slide of the playground located in phase 3.

Below are photographs of the areas mentioned above. 4855590a-ac32-70d7-570e-dc19826dff1b.jpg Paddle courts – Please note that during the works both courts will be closed to the public. 9be06b0f-a258-f696-02ce-8c74565f065a.jpg 09b3856b-3f6e-e4d3-96fb-ff638c4e3a5f.jpg Broken wood into a slide in phase 3. 33ad10ac-099e-efc1-0bc0-099bdd5c1c53.png One of the baskets. The 2 units on the multi-sport court will be replaced as both show signs of rust. 0869873f-f5bf-dccb-4977-b1706a025ee0.jpg 45dc6785-ddd1-49df-5680-5ef1231b142a.jpg d7d5b293-407a-6ccb-9b63-0bd609a552e9.jpg 1707f476-fd35-da8e-9a62-ce0499d6c2e9.jpg Path connecting the parking area with the outdoor gymnasium. Before, during and after repair.  39841695-f04d-4910-e560-7f371fa4b628.jpg 89e82682-6de6-120d-0e41-244c8b05dfea.png One of the benches on the side path of courts which had completely rotten shelves. Before, during and after repair.
Further work is planned to replace damaged items, repaint some of the access areas to the paddle & tennis court and multi sport area, etc. Photos below.
We will keep you informed of the progress of the work. b17dc977-f93d-b7dc-b356-83df6c7b82e9.jpg 7e43546a-1693-7fba-d66f-0e4d3e4f4845.jpg 10d412c8-8586-dabb-8998-82ebd25dd76a.jpg a1163430-a0c6-09ce-c602-b98ca4ef3a46.jpg 4a9cdb2c-938a-c8c5-b07c-bac0db58d65f.jpg f2f81206-5947-e654-71b8-21091575bef8.jpg e7609b0e-dcfb-0432-76c4-78ea287ca625.jpg Thank you,
Kind regards,  bb3bd7dc-a643-4868-9110-4161df6c806f.jpg