Communication 77 – Annual Survey Summary of Results 2022

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Dear Owners,

In total, 6 surveys were issued to all Owners and 1 survey was issued to all Building Presidents. Of the 6 surveys issued, 5 were issued simultaneously and 1 a few weeks thereafter. 
Overall, the response rates for the 5 surveys issued simultaneously varied between 28% to 30% with A2Z issued as a standalone received a 16% response rate. Only 67% of the BP’s responded to the surveys. 
The questions and scoring changed from previous years surveys so no comparable information is available to track trends. At the same time the decision was made to make use of a survey tool that ensures owners can only respond to questions that they had first hand experience. In some other areas the previous initial questions were expanded on to give more depth to the information received. 
As with most things, over the course of years things change so questions asked previously may no longer be relevant or may not contain information needed now.
We will review the questions in the surveys each year before they are published to ensure they stay up to date and relevant.

Owners had the opportunity to provide comments, these have been reviewed, and a summary of which, will be the subject of a future communication.

Below is the link where you can download the Survey Presentation for 2022.Survey Presentation 2022The totals shown are for responses and usable comments.

A2Z – 305 responses 
78% of responses from Owners advised they have upgraded to the higher speed internet with A2Z with 22% not having done so as yet. There were 23 out of 295 responses rating the reliability of the TV service and 50 out of 285 rating the variety of channels as poor.
Where an issue was reported by phone, only 41% could be resolved on the call.  Where an Engineer was required, 27% of respondents advised a visit was next day and 54% within 2-3 days.
 A2Z Survey 2022STV Gardening – 525 responses 98% of respondents had visited HR between January and December 2022. There were 239 comments where the vast majority acknowledged and accepted the dry months and water shortage caused issues with the grassed areas which were not in STV’s control. Quite a few comments centred around an Owners own area for example private hedges are not cut at the correct height.  Yet another comment was hedge cutting was too frequent. The lack of weeding received quite a few comments around the bad quality of weeding.
STV also received a lot of positive commentary ranging from good and friendly staff, providing a good service given the issues faced with to excellent serviceSTV Gardening Survey 2022Security – 567 ResponsesOf the responses received, 98% had visited HR in 2022 and of those who did visit in 2022, 98% scored the visibility and frequency of the security patrols as very good and excellent. Response times by Security for any incident reported very high with 94% as very good and excellent. Only 2 respondents marked it as poor / very poor. Of the 551 Owners who answered the question, all bar 11 Owners scored very good / excellent to the friendliness and approachability of the Security team
The comments received show what a great service the Security team provide to HR.
Security Survey 2022HR Admin – 525 responses. Of the total responses, 300 Owners contacted HRGR Admin in 2022 with 226 of the Owners using email to contact HRGR Admin. Only 56 Owners used Urbit to contact / report an issue to HRGR Admin. Response times within 4 days scored 72% and only 8 Owners received a reply after 11 days of their initial contact. Regarding the STV schedule the vast majority, 73%, would like to receive a communication monthly with 10% not at all.
Overall, Owners appear to be happy with the service HRGR Admin provide to the General Community with 69% scoring above average and only 6% as very poor.
There were 238 comments provided and a large amount of comments praised HRGR Admin for the work they do. It was mentioned about the resource levels and the inability to actually go to the offices or meet with team personally.
A few Owners mentioned they would like an Outside Company to manage HR and also questioned the cost
HRGR Admin Survey 2022Pools – 522 responses.

In terms of the water quality, cleanliness of the pool walls and tiles and the pool lighting all received scores of > 85% for very good and excellent. The poolside showers scored less with 8% scoring poor and very poor.
Of the total responses, 61% of Owners visited HR in July or August. The pool guards interaction with bathers, frequency of checking pools and their visibility had mixed scores. A quarter of responses showed the introduction of guards did not improve their ability to enjoy the pools with 32% saying it improved their ability a lot to enjoy the pools.Pools Survey 2022STV – Street cleaning and refuse collections – 556 responses. The scores to the frequency of the street cleaning and rubbish clearing all scored very high however, 13% felt the quality of the paths and roads cleaning was below par . The standard of the cleaning around the pool paved area, and the quality of the service provided all scored well above average  
STV street cleaning and rubbish collection Survey 2022Building Presidents communication – 52 responses. Every BP who responded had contact HRGR Admin with a building specific enquiry in 2022. Quotations for standard repairs and building maintenance supplied by HRGR Admin, scored exceptionally high to the standard completed. HRGR Admin arranged repairs for 95% of BP’s who completed the service of which 47/49 respondents were satisfied with the assistance provided. Timing at 88% and keeping BP’s updated of progress of works at 80% scored high
An area identified for possible assistance to BP’s centres around the budgets produced and a BP’s knowledge with 18% not understanding the budgets. Almost half of the BP’s who responded have requested further details to be included in the next budgets. The comments have been reviewed so this may be considered
BP’s scored 88% as the support received from HRGR Admin as very good to excellent and scored 81% very good to excellent to the support received from their Phase Presidents.
Building Presidents communication Survey 2022Thank you.

Kind regards,

Board of the General Community of HRGRMay we remind you that there is an application to report incidents created exclusively for Hacienda Riquelme owners. You can download it from the following link In the event you need any help for the installation, please contactinfo@urbit-app.comOur mailing address is:
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