Communication 71 – Gardening Schedule

Please, do not reply to this e-mail 09a27022-f8c2-48f2-a36d-adab7f054e16.png COMMUNICATION 71 GARDENING SCHEDULE
1563c932-7e0a-e929-a3a2-89dcd30ebe6e.jpg Dear owners, 

The works carried out in the previous week (23) have been completed as scheduled. P4,P6,P7 tiles blowing for sweeper truck, P6 cutting, profiling and blowing of grass, Roundabout P3, pruning of gauras and wuestringias ball, P7, planting of new plants and manual watering P7 spraying of ficus trees against cochineal, P7 manual weeding, pruning of suckers, etc., P6 mowing and blowing of grass, P2 spraying of ficus trees and bushes against cochineal, All phases, raking of gravel on Polaris lines, P2 rear parts, graveling of golf boundary road, P2 cutting, shaping and blowing of grass, P2 manual weeding, P2 pruning pit, cleaning of pruning debris and emptying of water, Entrance, pruning of ficus, ball tree, etc., Phases 4,6,7. Blowing of weeds for sweeper lorry, Phases 1,5a,5b grass cutting in private courtyards, All phases plugging of holes of removed palm trees, P7 pruning of pomegranate trees, P6 Town Hall area, weed clearance, Watering of new plants, Irrigation incidents, etc.
Below is the schedule for works to be carried out this week (week 24),  Week 24 – From 12th June to 17th June 2023 Please note that the schedule of the gardening tasks may be interrupted due to weather (rain, wind, etc.)
SOME PICTURES OF WORKS CARRIED OUT DURING THE LAST WEEK 104fc306-d2fa-1b6e-0d3c-f9a25fd9b19e.jpg d2f93975-e332-87f4-b499-bd85d892e632.jpg e0a8b61a-3054-eff0-a4ca-22a3c6cef9db.jpg b4750779-d671-11c5-a053-80ad135b751c.jpg 21ee37f9-c12d-c9c0-1188-8da28be346f6.jpg c3657861-14f9-e577-a650-031545ea3790.jpg dda68e94-6aac-1b8c-9cfd-ad94dd5fb8bc.jpg 9c6ec8a0-b683-1675-57b9-29ff6b6d45bd.jpg 9ec0a179-f740-6f6f-b15e-3609f4582ca4.jpg 7f76a09e-d772-2c1c-edde-c4dc51f3948c.jpg c282915c-8880-a169-31c3-4e833de66af7.jpg ace010bb-74f1-c992-837f-4c3006682616.jpg 3c1badac-c1a5-5e2f-ac89-bd78c55e7c77.jpg 889d7dad-dfcc-f56e-ff7b-621c49388dcf.jpg 9ddb402c-1fed-8865-3909-a3eaa2761039.jpg 459c057d-693a-ca09-3351-f4f88e638d37.jpg 4c97a090-60d3-db3a-92fd-e994900e8735.jpg 034b4dda-ae37-34e7-a365-7027cc9db23b.jpg e979e730-162b-ec4f-dff8-2e2dfbb62b20.jpg b1d5150b-8a9e-5d23-8fa8-4c7bbe593551.jpg d56be4f2-0c22-9ac2-37e9-fc849d202142.jpg 1e132660-9df9-ad45-e3c2-25a0cbcbfee7.jpg 8f66e32d-26e9-f4c4-51a0-892a8f5f4d68.jpg f49785e0-048a-31fd-4b8a-edfd8949d000.jpg 5e237633-2aff-6f2e-0e4f-f48dfd6dc324.jpg 56982429-7a7c-8116-a5b2-0b5978c788ae.jpg 54ed0fb7-ab53-9729-78c6-1279a18ad9d2.jpg 43de1730-0677-d6f0-eb23-542e46509926.jpg 1c8bc6ad-4c41-1b63-71c7-b8d98c55d4ed.jpg 0ee917fb-4261-b9c6-2a87-2d70f02fc9fb.jpg 27f8035b-190f-c423-01b5-5a3c97a9205a.jpg 8f0f4251-999e-b5cc-3bfd-627569a42786.jpg e31d05fe-9658-c8cc-7876-320e9a965bea.jpg 889d7dad-dfcc-f56e-ff7b-621c49388dcf.jpg ad999e2c-9253-de7b-ceb7-f1088c0e9dac.jpg 7ba3f536-89b0-3076-df06-6a42fd40058d.jpg 7bb0daf5-987f-5d49-2f6a-e41ed889385d.jpg 5543e028-a910-4522-d035-a6ccee8e945a.jpg 1b1fcf8e-7f33-6b0d-a979-df5062e2e07d.jpg e2a2d624-0ab7-3072-a92d-6396d1f8dc11.jpg 07266647-bf5b-23ec-2a3e-bcc16d70d811.jpg 75ee1173-1eea-056b-0c43-cb2b878899f6.jpg e9161c4e-8c66-686f-aa6d-03f017ce13bc.jpg 03ad049b-ab7c-1381-0e39-82368b71460c.jpg 8901b3e1-49ee-f8e5-7a3a-ce1f495fa0ad.jpg 5b097232-2ae8-7c73-c700-c680c774f082.jpg f0f51af6-8c1b-500b-9b53-b39f5a82a377.jpg f2545de1-c1cd-403e-d7c1-d80bb6ad3d2d.jpg Thank you.
Kind regards, May we remind you that there is an application to report incidents created exclusively for Hacienda Riquelme owners. You can download it from the following link the event you need any help for the installation, please contact bb3bd7dc-a643-4868-9110-4161df6c806f.jpg
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