Communication 66 – Aesthetical Modifations in Apartments

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Dear owners,

We would like to remind all owners that to execute any proposed changes to the external areas of their apartments (including the garage parking areas) they require two conformities:

(1) Enabling title in front of the City Council of Murcia (obtain the licence from the Town Hall of Murcia)
(2) Aesthetical permission.

To obtain the aesthetical permission the owner needs to follow an easy procedure, and the works intended must be in accordance with The Guide to Apartment Modifications which can be found on the HRGR Owners Website (Document Library/Apartment Modifications).

Internal alterations such as the refurbishment of kitchens and bathrooms do not require permission to be granted by the Community.
Under these Guidelines certain exterior aesthetic changes can be made to your property but permission must always be sought first from the Community. The Community Administrators will consider the individual request and the implication (if any) on your neighbours.
It is to be  reminded that according to article 4 of the  statutes  of the Community of Owners of the General Community of the Private Real Estate Complex Hacienda Riquelme Golf Resort one of its essential purposes is “especially the maintenance of the exterior aesthetic conditions of the buildings”.
All exterior modifications must have the prior approval of the Community, even if they are on the permitted list of modifications.

Before proceeding with any exterior modification, please ensure that you complete the Apartment Modifications Application Form (a copy is in the link below of this Communication) and submit it to

If you are in any doubt about any proposed modification please do not hesitate to email the Community Administrators with your query to and they will provide guidance and advice.
The approval is granted depending on the fulfillment of each project of the conditions indicated in  the Guide of Modifications of the Apartments, and it is convenient that it is obtained before requesting the required construction license or enabling title from the City Council of Murcia. 

The time frame  from the submission of the appropriate documentation to obtaining the authorization or its refusal is normally 5 working days, and no fees are requested for this process. Application form For further clarity on the overall requirements we have repeated below the Introduction to the Guide to Apartment Modifications.   Introduction
This guide includes a brief on the legalities to be complied with in front of the Town Hall of Murcia when you want to make alterations to your property, and brings together the aesthetic modifications accepted and not accepted by the Statutes, and those approved by the Board of the General Community, in the exercise of it’s task as prescribed in the statutes. It is most important to consider that the Community, and each one of the owners,  can object to the aesthetic changes in the façade of the buildings. Protecting the aesthetics of Hacienda Riquelme is foreseen in the byelaws as a task for the Community, but aesthetic compliance as agreed by the Community is not an enabling title for the construction, and once you obtain it, you still need the proper enabling title in front of the City Council of Murcia. You must take your project which includes an alteration to the façade to (1) the Community for aesthetical approval, and then (2) address this in the Town Hall of Murcia, make the proper declarations and/or obtain the license, and pay the corresponding construction taxes. Acting after having obtained the aesthetical compliance letter from the Community assures you that no action will be taken by the Community against the alteration planned – the action can include the request for demolition of the alteration and reinstatement of the former situation-, and that should another owner claim in Court against such alteration you should have no problem because you will be able to provide evidence that you followed the procedures, and that in the considered opinion of the Community your alteration complies with the aesthetical criteria. Acting after having complied with the legal obligations in front of the Town Hall of Murcia assures you that no fines and no demolition orders may be issued against you, and moreover you can have the assurance that the alterations built will not cause a non-compliance problem with the City Council when you intend to sell your property. The order of actions we recommend, as you will find in this document, is: 1st Check that what you intend to change in your property is an aesthetic modification accepted by the Community by submitting the Apartment Modifications Application Form. If what you intend to do cannot be seen from outside of your apartment as originally constructed then you can forget this step. 2nd Check that what you intend to change in your property fits in the legal determinations. Getting in contact with a professional is normally the best approach in this step, depending the nature and importance of the work you can contact a Contractor, a Technical Architect, an Architect or a Lawyer. 3rd Accomplish the actions needed, to obtain the relevant enabling title in the City Council of Murcia (license, previous communication, or responsible declaration), pay the taxes, contract the services required, and file and deliver the documents required in front of the Town Hall of Murcia. Not to follow this procedure in front of the Community may end in the request for demolition of the alteration and reinstatement of the former situation being claimed in Court. Similarly any owner can privately start a legal process for demolition of non-compliant aesthetical alterations against another owner directly without going through the Community. Not to follow this procedure in front of the Town Hall of Murcia may end in sanctions being issued and eventually may generate problems at the time you sell your property, since the Town Hall may disregard the responsible declaration of occupation issued by the purchasers and refuse to grant a certificate confirming that the apartment corresponds to the initial construction license. This will at least imply delays in the sale, and will normally bear extra costs.’’ Thank you.
Kind regards,
The Board of the General Community of HRGR May we remind you that there is an application to report incidents created exclusively for Hacienda Riquelme owners. You can download it from the following link the event you need any help for the installation, please contact bb3bd7dc-a643-4868-9110-4161df6c806f.jpg

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