Communication 64 – Gardening Schedule

Please, do not reply to this e-mail 09a27022-f8c2-48f2-a36d-adab7f054e16.png COMMUNICATION 64 GARDENING SCHEDULE

Dear owners, 

The works carried out in the previous week (21) have been completed, taking into account the recent bad weather conditions:
P4,P3,P2 pruning of bushes next to the fences and cleaning.
P7 manual weeding,
P5,P1,P6 Town Hall fencing, pruning of wild olive hedge and cleaning, Sports courts area hedge pruning (wild olive) and cleaning, P5 manual weeding,
All phases raking of gravel in Polaris strips, P7 spraying of ficus trees for cochineal, P4 weeding of weeds in grass lines adjacent to the golf course, P4 blowing of dry leaves in bushes, private courtyards and collection of weeds,
Manual weeding, entrance and El Casón, Dovecote and El Cason grass cutting and shaping, All phases, leaf blowing for sweeper truck, P5b,P3,P4 weeding on grass boundary to golf course, Collection of various prunings, Collection of fallen branches in the wind, Irrigation checks, etc.
Below is the schedule for works to be carried out this week (week 22), 
Week 22 – From 29th May to 3rd June 2023
Please note that the schedule of the gardening tasks may be interrupted due to weather (rain, wind, etc.)
SOME PICTURES OF WORKS CARRIED OUT DURING THE LAST WEEK 130ee70c-943b-b992-be14-db6f44c7d8ff.jpg bd6918d4-f5fe-2c3d-11d1-518b959c8aa9.jpg dbe0937b-497d-5e7d-b665-b9b4a6ef7569.jpg e601ae4c-43e9-bbd4-1efd-37a12319c750.jpg abd4f665-9f70-6cc1-b5ef-db4fd2e5b275.jpg b49cb956-766d-e680-8a22-703bec0a153a.jpg af192d46-a5aa-9798-f549-c86450b3c0f5.jpg 9e135899-3ec3-35ae-b4b5-5088d62fb6f0.jpg dbe3475c-6c20-53c7-f45b-e09cf06cf920.jpg 4dd5a2ed-0924-8cce-e596-77f371c31cc6.jpg 7848cbda-ea7c-788a-eaec-9533dc8163c0.jpg 15742aeb-da15-7493-aec1-10d8c1713b5d.jpg c477f277-2df0-93a7-f24f-1b8c33f758b9.jpg 0f7ea17f-5e36-3626-0812-898c766bf822.jpg 22e21c93-3fa1-ca7f-e544-acd74dc6f8c4.jpg 6c799598-28a4-fae7-2a18-8ea314a59872.jpg 9f70d4bc-0c37-739a-3ede-db3281abbf0c.jpg 3e27242e-76aa-d462-bc83-6f33de3ab21d.jpg 3902af71-1ad3-354e-d1c3-874a836ed999.jpg 49489100-492f-270b-942a-e67a706fe511.jpg e70670aa-7483-23dc-bdde-f11b35ffc9fe.jpg b50658b5-4c35-e4b4-e396-ff9b3fc369ef.jpg f3adb396-ab83-3c8b-f426-380e6c379c40.jpg bf2561e0-adb5-5a58-adb7-e0101db4b75e.jpg 0cfd1da5-c9fb-3c93-b661-805355c7756d.jpg ff9f787f-03a2-241e-7055-cc523fb3893e.jpg 5bca4047-c272-87ee-16ce-dd6e23faf24b.jpg 3209e5b8-dc71-2378-661d-a9184b09e29d.jpg ae504999-7940-477b-1f31-f2e0e0ca598d.jpg 1fd055ef-3baa-717e-3073-f496eddeb240.jpg 7230c237-95ff-7d17-8c49-6586369b2a1f.jpg 15a57215-9cf1-f663-a39d-79ed78262d8a.jpg ffa00156-54fb-9496-57af-ab32f52ccb08.jpg a75b1503-de7d-c1d0-8440-fba4bbbe5db2.jpg b711c8a0-d09d-10d0-22fc-c781a7c4b783.jpg b5dbf49f-315d-637d-0a81-81c1c286c170.jpg 8c069d22-2ae6-47ee-22da-c4aaacb6ffb4.jpg 2298bd9b-b131-9b3b-de30-025ebfe4a582.jpg d76be99e-5344-ce69-2c4e-85e961bb10bb.jpg ccff96e3-26e3-d6fd-6a6c-e977f12b3990.jpg 0e1fff72-8542-9c71-448f-ff333f16d82b.jpg 649a31ee-a8af-3248-0d29-c71f04173a19.jpg 1d9d3830-f2cb-8c09-1215-c7223684eb0a.jpg 5b81affe-0a5d-7f43-c7c5-06995eeadab7.jpg 67202673-7ebe-145a-8877-76ed5daa664f.jpg 6899da42-1920-a873-dfe0-ecd90a7317ea.jpg 7c00c6b9-37e8-fac4-37b5-66c315933d22.jpg d4dfbbaf-df64-93e6-4ddd-015d3629a368.jpg 509f5fde-ce79-ddc6-a10a-62b784e8628e.jpg 82670345-7ebb-e9bc-6dae-eb8685912053.jpg 88d289fd-66dd-5959-37ce-94d0c7367a99.jpg 0d030799-4f11-c617-0aaa-04572d6e3c86.jpg ae504999-7940-477b-1f31-f2e0e0ca598d.jpg f012caff-a7a6-0158-594a-8ad27f43ebd5.jpg Thank you.
Kind regards, May we remind you that there is an application to report incidents created exclusively for Hacienda Riquelme owners. You can download it from the following link the event you need any help for the installation, please contact bb3bd7dc-a643-4868-9110-4161df6c806f.jpg
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