Communication 61 – Cleaning of Drainage Channels

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Dear owners,
Following the communication 58 of this week gardening schedule, may we inform you that the work planned for today 19/05/2023 has not been carried out due to the heavy rainfall forecast for today. STV´s team have been clearing the drainage channels that collect rainwater from hill / slope in Phase 7 and workers compound. 
Below are some pictures taken during the work. 
e2483054-2956-a0f7-5680-730437c8805b.jpg 5a3ad829-a420-3644-8b36-d4fd134f8623.jpg 6f4121ad-3b21-f8a0-17c2-bfa2cf18c104.jpg 909ce20a-32a9-3e94-5d6f-30c0aecffdcf.jpg a3551b1d-fbed-b579-2c31-f3f371e6e6c5.jpg 21c3a1b8-a7fe-7a78-9f03-8eadc92537bd.jpg d7e927ba-f2e3-ba23-75a2-71309d22efcb.jpg b68bde6e-0bdc-e69b-96fe-aaa6851eac8a.jpg 56acc9e3-afb9-9f7a-fc42-6959f798a34c.jpg 3ead9fff-3dbb-6693-4a16-46ca56bb700f.jpg 066d348b-1b5e-0675-358d-07e0e8b41097.jpg 4f7ad6c0-2a4d-4bfb-0028-098d26d7cd0d.jpg ebdb5f26-8a2c-f1ca-25df-8db76c5c7762.jpg 275517ce-4b73-307b-c026-4f8070b74fad.jpg According to the weather forecast the rains have started. For the moment it is not very heavy, and it is raining intermittently. Pictures below.  ced2de70-2955-9ea5-2433-7d389ff61f42.jpg f64fae1a-6c85-b8cf-33b7-151d0e2eb7be.jpg 544a35e7-95af-cacd-f4b1-0113130479ef.jpg a54324b3-81a2-b527-93a0-f7370c3463fc.jpg cac5c3dd-d70f-3fe7-0aa7-ac1c257f6330.jpg 1fd5a9f1-9b16-c558-5cef-a1bd0ce95a03.jpg Weather permitting, the cleaning work on both the channels and the deposits in Phase 7 will resume next Monday with the necessary big machinery. Thank you.
Kind regards, May we remind you that there is an application to report incidents created exclusively for Hacienda Riquelme owners. You can download it from the following link the event you need any help for the installation, please contact bb3bd7dc-a643-4868-9110-4161df6c806f.jpg
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