Communication 58 – Statutes Community of Owners HRGR

Dear Owners,
Following the questions raised by some neighbours about the regulations governing the Community of Owners of Hacienda Riquelme (CP HRGR) and its modifications, may we provide you with information on this subject.
The main law governing the CP HRGR is the Horizontal Property Law (HPL). Below, you can download the HPL published in the BOE (Official State Gazette) according to its last update of 28.12.2023.

Please note that the translation is a DEEPL translation so you can download the original Spanish document also. 

Horizontal Property Law Original SpanishHorizontal Property Law Translation

The Statutes of the CP HRGR, as well as the Constitutive Title, at the same level, are the rules that govern the CP HRGR in second place.The Statutes of the CP HRGR are registered in the Finca 4012 of the Land Registry number 7 of Murcia.The Statutes have two inscriptions:Of constitution, which was elevated to public deed on 22 July 2005.Modification of the Articles of Association, which was made public by deed on 21 June 2007.There has been no changes since 2007.

Below, you can download the transcription of the registry entry, as well as the original document from the register. This last document only available in Spanish. 

Statutes – Transcription Statutes – Original document – Only Spanish

The Statutes are of great importance, and that is why the HPL establishes that their alteration requires “unanimity”.Unanimity of whom? What is the voting process?The Law, applied to the CP HRGR, establishes that unanimity must be obtained from the 1864 HRGR owners convened in the following way:Individual AGMs or EGMs of the 78 buildings that make up HRGR.Once the unanimity is obtained (all the owners up to date with the payment of the community fees vote in favour):AGM or EGM of the GC of the CP HRGR where all the plots that make up the GC represented by the Presidents of Phase (Phases) and owner of the commercial plot (C-1) vote unanimously in favour (all members of the Board up to date in the payment of community fees vote in favour).At this moment there are no plans to vote on any consultation on statutory modification in the CP HRGR.

Thank you,

Kind regards.