Communication 56 – Update Street Closure


Following the communication 54 where we informed you of the closure of Calle Indico from this morning at 8.00 am, may we inform you that the company in charge of the works has finished for the moment the work on the entrance lane of Calle Indico and they will start the excavation on the exit lane this afternoon, which will remain closed during today until 19.00.

ACTION: Location and connection of irrigation water main to new pumping station infrastructure.

LOCATION: Indico Street exit on Phase 2, close to the mailbox area.

ESTIMATED DURATION: From 16.00 to 19.00 approx on 15.04.2024. This will depend on the findings during the street excavation.

It is not known at this stage whether there will be any more road closures in the coming days.In order to access any building in phase 2 or 6 (Blocks from Indico 1 to 101), you can do so normally from the El Casón roundabout.In order to exit any building in Phase 2 or 6 (Blocks from Indico 1 to 101) they will have to exit via Calle Atlántico through Phase 7 at the end of Phase 6.Please note that work on the storm tank at the end of Indico Street, next to Phase 6, is still ongoing. Please use extreme caution when driving in this area.As previously advised, this work on the storm tank (sewage pumping) is outside the control of the HRGR Community of Owners.Thank you,

Kind regards,