Communication 51 – Update TuComunidad App

Dear owners,

Following the launch of the new TuComunidad App in November 2023, we are contacting you again to inform you of the latest developments.

Since Wednesday 3.04.2024 many of you have already started to receive email notifications informing you of new documents published in the App.

After several months of hard work by the HRGR Admin team, you can now start to see in the App all the invoices related to your building as well as the insurance policy also for your building.

By way of information, from the 72 buildings managed by the Self-Administration system, around 9,000 documents will be downloaded between invoices and others only from the financial year 2023 and the first quarter of 2024.

Each owner of each building managed by the Self-Administration team will have access to all invoices and other documents related to the services in their particular building.

Below are pictures of how you see the App on your device and also how to log in to see the documents that have been and will continue to be published. 

On the first screen, please scroll down to the Documents section. If you click on “View all” you will be taken to the screen shown below. On this screen, simply click on the relevant line to access the type of document you want. 

Due to the large number of documents per building being uploaded to the App, some buildings may not have received all the documentation yet. Please be patient until publication is completed, hopefully during the month of April 2024.

Remember that if you have not yet accessed the TuComunidad.comapplication please contact us at in order to register as soon as possible and start benefiting from the advantages of the new App. 

Please note that you can report any issues related to your building, CG or EUCC through the App.

Between its entry into operation in November 2023 and March 2024 HRGR Admin has managed a total of 436 incidents that have been reported through the App.  

You can access the App via your smartphone, tablet, computer, laptop, etc.Important: For those buildings that are not in the self-management system, and whose Building President or Administrator has provided their contact details to join the TuComunidad App, may we remind you that the documentation access service is not available. However, we encourage you to follow or join the App as you will be able to report incidents related to the GC and EUCC,  and other tools that will be implemented throughout the year.  Thank you very much,

Kind regards,