Communication 45 – Slope Phase 7 Volunteers Needed

Dear owners,
 The purpose of this communication is to provide an update regarding the slope in Phase 7. The Board are seeking assistance from Owners with relative experience and knowledge to put themselves forward to form part of the Working Group (WG) we are setting up. The WG will be led by Steven Nicholson, Phase 1 President with Nigel Smith, Phase President 2 who is partaking to add value with the background he has which will add valuable support. We have in the past had Owners who have kindly offered time and support so now is the ideal time for people who feel they may be suitably qualified, to put themselves forward
Background to Phase 7 slope

The hillside of phase 7 extends from Atlántico 62-64, to the wall bordering Peraleja Golf, facing Atlántico 8-10. Google Earth plan below.A big section of the slope was originally intended to be landscaped by planting plants on a retaining mesh. The idea was that the roots of the plants together with the netting would hold the loose soil in place and prevent rainfall from washing away. Below is a photograph of what was intended to be achieved. This image is not from HRGR.  The attempt by PW failed and years later the Community commissioned STV to try again using a similar method. it is called hydroseeding and is used for erosion control and for slope stabilisation. Picture of this method below. This image is not from HR. The main problems caused by this area in times of torrential rains were the dragging of earth onto the pavements and roads and the streets had to be cut off. There was also the danger of stones being washed away by the erosion of the land. 

The services of an architect were hired to study a solution. It was then that one of the biggest projects of Hacienda Riquelme was carried out. These were channels and decantation tanks to collect water and soil. This action significantly improved the situation in Phase 7 every time it rained, and continues to do so to this day. Pictures of the current situation are shown below. Below is an outline of how we are looking to define the project.ObjectiveWith the project having such a huge potential cost to HR, it is essential that we have suitably qualified people on the WG. Please note this is a volunteering role. The primary initial objective of the WG will be to scope out the entire project, which at this stage is not fully defined .  Scope of the project to be agreed at the initial meetingThe project boundaries will be defined as will deliverables, time frames and any possible constraints. The scope will help to clarify the purpose and expectations of the project, ensuring that all members of the WG have a clear understanding of the key objectives and deliverables. This clarity is essential for effective planning, execution, and evaluation of the project.ResourcesIn order to successfully deliver the project outcomes we have identified below the skillsets which we believe we need to move the project forward. ·        Experienced in earth works·        Civil Engineering construction·        Civil Engineering design, particularly heavy civils·        Structural Engineering design·        Embankment protection and stabilisation design·        Heavy civil engineering construction, particularly earthworks·        Implementation of embankment stabilisation·        Embankment planting Meetings:These will take place via Zoom as not all of the WG may be physically on HR. As required, we may have to conduct a visit to the area for further investigatory works or ad hoc requirements. This will be facilitated as required at the appropriate time If you feel you may have the relevant experience and you can offer up your time, please email Steven Nicholson at no later than Monday 8th April 2024 clearly stating your contact details (e-mail and mobile number) and relevant experience and qualifications. We will provide further feedback once all requests have been received.Thank you,

Kind regards,