Communication 40 – Pavements Poll 5-2

Dear owners,

Following the communication 35 sent last week and related to the pavement in pool 5-2, we have received an important response from owners in the area (Phase 5B – Atlántico 172 – 184).

After analysing the feedback received regarding the dates for the execution of the new pavement in pool 5-2, it has been decided to postpone the work on this particular pool until November 2024.

Given the current situation where it cannot be confirmed that the works can be carried out and completed before the summer months without affecting either the Easter holidays or the half term in May, the movement of the execution date also applies to the paving of pool 5-1, which could be postponed until January – February 2025. 

Minor works will be carried out in some areas of pools 1-1, 1-2, 7-4 and others as required for health and safety reasons after Easter and before June without affecting the half term in May 2024.  We will keep you informed of the progress and dates of the minor works in the pools mentioned above. 

Thank you very much,

Kind regards,