Communication 38 – Exit lane closed

Communication 38 – Exit lane closed 12.03.24

If you are on HR at the moment and have been driving along the entrance of the Complex or Egeo Street you will have noticed movement of works and machinery in the area.

The works being carried out are related to the installation of a new drinking water supply. The Murcia water company EMUASA has been trying for several months to locate a water leak in the area. Finally, in view of the difficulty encountered, they have decided to install a new pipe.

As a result of the work, it is planned that tomorrow, Tuesday 12.03.2024, the exit lane number 2 will be cut off at mid-morning. It will be closed for several hours.

The exit lane next to the security gate will remain open.

Photographs of the work can be seen below. 

The following map shows:

– in red the lane that will be closed to traffic leaving the complex tomorrow, Tuesday 12.03.2024, mid-morning and for several hours.

– in blue the arrow for the lane that will be operational at all times for exiting the Complex.

– in green the line that follows the pipe of the new service connection. 

Please be patient when leaving the Resort if at any time there are several cars before yours. 

We apologise for any inconvenience this work can cause you.

Thank you.

Kind regards,