Communication 36 – Declaration of Drought

Dear Owners, 

Recently information has been published in the media about the drought situation declared in the “Cuenca Hidrográfica del Segura (CHS)”, a hydrographic area that covers practically the whole of the Region of Murcia.

This drastically changes the water situation in the Region of Murcia where Hacienda Riquelme is located. The main reason for these measures is the lack of rainfall so far, and the almost nil forecast for the current month, March. 

Being in a situation of “extraordinary drought” will mean that there will be average water restrictions of 25% for the whole area of the CHS, 20% for traditional irrigation and 30% for non-traditional irrigation. 

The CHS (Confederación Hidrográfica del Segura) Commission will review the situation at the end of March and decide whether to maintain or increase the restrictions. These can reach a maximum of 50% and it is estimated that, if they have to extend the restrictions, it will be around 40%.

These measures could be relaxed if the rains decide to come in the coming months.

What is the impact of this new situation on Hacienda Riquelme?

During the month of February the Valdelentisco desalination plant was out of service for annual maintenance work, according to the information provided.
In the last week of February they again reported a delay in the opening of the plant due to a breakdown.

Although the expectation is that the irrigation water supply will be restored in the second half of March, we have not received 100% assurances.

This is the reason why the owners of Hacienda Riquelme have not seen any irrigation during the last few weeks.

Once the service is restored, we have already been advised that we will not be able to use 100% of the monthly concession, which in the case of HRGR is about 19,000m3.

Provisionally we will only be able to use 70% of the water, 13,000m3, as long as there are no further restrictions based on the information published in the media and mentioned above.

What plans does the community have for this situation?

Work has already begun on the construction of the new pumping station. 

As soon as the Valdelentisco desalination plant is operational again, water will be pumped into the lake that GNK allows us to use to store water for use once the new pumping is operational. 

The planting in phases 2, 3, 4, 5 & 6, the planting of hedges in different areas, planting of new trees, scarification of the grass areas, etc., all these actions cannot be carried out until there is certainty as to the availability of water.
We will contact you again as soon as there is any news on this subject.Thank you,

Kind regards,