Communication 35 – Update Pool Pavements

09a27022-f8c2-48f2-a36d-adab7f054e16.png COMMUNICATION 35 UPDATE POOLS PAVEMENT 2024
Dear owners,

Following the communication 13 sent on 24.01.2024, (link to the communication is included below) we are sending you an update regarding the paving planned for this year 2024.

Communicaton 13 Pool pavement 2024

UPDATE: Pool 5-2 (Atlántico 172 – 192): Following the preparation of the report and specifications by the architect, link to download it below, it was sent to 3 companies which produced their proposals by mid-February.

Pool pavement specifications 5-2 & 5-1

The bids were reviewed and it was confirmed that all but one met the specifications. The one that did not comply had included an inferior quality stoneware. The cost of the three bids was still very high and in some cases higher than the quote received in 2023 for the resin flooring.
It was then decided to contact a fourth company. At the end of February we received the fourth quotation. A comparative table is included below. abdbebf6-8216-7275-ff0f-4f3e9f80ca9a.png Despite the confirmation from the architect that they all complied with the request except for one (Grupo Torres), the concern now arose regarding the large difference in cost between the cheapest (ESTCA CANO) and the rest.

Why is there such a big difference in price?
Before proceeding and choosing the cheapest simply because it is cheaper, it is essential to make sure that there is nothing that will cause the community to incur extra costs later on.
Further information has been requested from the companies and a thorough investigation by the architect as to the costs and companies involved in the process.
Until we have received the further information and fully evaluated it we will not be able to place an order for the work on pool 5-2. Consequently this will mean that there will be a delay to the start of the work on pool 5-2. 
The pool will remain open during the Easter holidays and any work planned will be done with the aim of not disrupting the UK half-term or the summer holidays. This means that if work is carried out before the summer, it will be planned between 12 April and 27 May 2024.
UPDATE Pool 5-1 (Atlántico 194 – 216): The work on the pavement of pool 5-1 has been paused on the basis of the above information regarding pool 5-2.
Based on the cost received for pool 5-2, pool 5-1 may have to be postponed until 2025 for budgetary reasons. 
UPDATE Pools 1-1, 1-2 & 7-4 (Atlántico 130 – 146, Atlántico 102 – 118 & Atlántico 4 – 18): The type of damage to these pools poses a very high risk in terms of access due to the damage to the steps. It is foreseen that the critical areas will be tiled and repaired before the summer months. Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience you may be experiencing due to the situation at the above mentioned pools. 
We will keep you informed of developments as soon as there is a decision on the company and date of commencement of the work. 
Thank you very much,
Kind regards, bb3bd7dc-a643-4868-9110-4161df6c806f.jpg