Communication 34 – Benches

Dear owners, 
We have received a proposal, regarding the installation of pleasant, (unobtrusive wooden or recycled dark wood effect) benches throughout the resort. This has come from an owner who feels that, like himself, others may wish to donate a bench, or sponsor a seating area.
This could be a memorial, with a personalised plaque giving a few details, or just the sponsor’s name. It could be in memory of someone or something special, or a favourite long time companion, who you would like to fondly remember.
The Resort has a number of areas that would be suitable for inclusion of a pleasant seating and/or rest area, especially for those of you who like to walk around the resort on a regular basis.
The cost per bench would be around 450 €. You can pay for the whole bench or just make a donation to contribute to buy one. The minimum donation is 50€.
If you have any thoughts regarding this suggestion, either individually or as a group, please get in touch with your phase president, contact details as below, so that we can discuss this idea in greater detail with yourselves.
President of Phase 1:
President of Phase 2:
President of Phase 3:
President of Phase 4:
President of Phase 5A:
President of Phase 5B:
President of Phase 6:
President of Phase 7: pp7@hrgradmin.comThank you,

Kind regards,
The Phase Presidents of Hacienda Riquelme