Communication 24 – Care in the Community

Dear owners,

With the implementation of Care in the Community, the community has detected that there are owners who have sometimes had problems finding out where to go when they need a wheelchair or simple crutches.

As part of the Community Care program, the community has secured 2 new collapsible self-propelled wheelchairs, 2 sets of crutches, and 2 walking sticks.

Donations have been made for some of the items. And the community will accept further donations should anyone wish to. If so, please contact Chris Elliott. 

This is for unplanned accidents support. Therefore, the items can be loaned as a temporary measure. If they need to become long term, Chris Elliott (PP5A) will put the owner in touch with the company. To contact Chris Elliott, please email him to

The community understands that if you as a neighbour request the use of a wheelchair or crutches, it will not be for pleasure but out of necessity.

We hope that this investment will be long-lasting and useful to neighbours in need. That is why to maintain and conserve this material in good condition, a deposit will be requested from neighbours who need to use any of the items. The deposit will be returned in full once the items have been returned and confirmed to be in good condition.

We hope you are never in need of this service, but if you do, please contact Chris.

May we take this opportunity to remind you that there is a WhatsApp group for the Community Care programme.

If you are willing and able to help other neighbours in need, or if you are the one who needs help, please feel free to join the group via the link below.

By accessing through this link you agree to:To share your phone number and other personal data that you may put in the group chats with the other members of the CIC group.Not to use the contact details of group members outside the CIC group without the express consent of the CIC group members.Not to make use of the CIC group for any function other than Community Care. Help and be helped.Not to contact members of the CIC group privately without the express consent of the person you wish to contact privately. Such consent must be given through the group.The group administrators reserve the right to remove from the group any member who is not respectful of other members.Respect and helpfulness are the main aspects of the CIC group.Thank you,

Kind regards.

Chris Elliott – Phase 5A President