Communication 23 –

Dear Owners

 Thank you to all Owners who took the time to complete the 2 Opinion Polls to which every Owner had the opportunity to partake in. For the pool opening hours, 484 responses were received, and 545 responses were received for the pool monitoring. This is a response rate of 26% and 29% respectively.Below is the link where you can download the Survey Presentation for 2023.

Survey Presentation 2023

Pool Opening Hours70% of respondents would like the opening hours to remain at 9am to 9pm closing time, therefore, unchanged.Majority of comments supported the closure at 9pm saying that later opening may require additional monitoring to ensure no inappropriate behaviour, ie drinking, music, noise levels.There were comments for earlier opening which would suit residents.

Pool opening hours results

Pool MonitoringThe wristband collection process was well received with favourable scores throughout.The 2023 scores for visibility of guards, frequency of checking pools and interaction with bathers showed a decline vs 2022.A significant decrease in Interaction – 38% pts) from 2022 to 2023 on Good, increase on Ok and a marginal increase in Poor.Frequency of visits – 36%.Visibility of guards – 24%.Due to the decrease in good, this therefore increased the OK and Poor scores for 2023 vs 2022.Only 22% of Owners felt the presence of pool guards improved their ability to enjoy the pool (32% in 2022) with 44% saying they did not improve the ability (25% in 2022).70% of respondents scored in favour of multifunctional guards to be considered for July and August 2024.The use of wristbands received 78% in favour to assist monitoring authorised use of the pools.

Pool monitoring results

SummaryBased on the feedback of the Opinion Polls, the Board will be looking to implement multifunctional guards and the use of wristbands to assist monitoring authorised use of the pools in July and August 2024. The cost of the multifunctional guards is €29k and has been included in the 2024 GC budget. There is no cost for the wristbands as this will be funded through Sponsorships. Following the results of the polls, there will be no change to the opening and closing hours of the swimming pools, they remain unchanged.

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Board of the General Community of HRGR