Communication 2 – GARDENING SCHEDULE

Dear owners, 

Please find below the garden plan for the works carried out in week 52 from 27th to 30th December 2022, for week 1 from 03rd to 07th January and for week 2 (current week) from 09th  to 14th January 2023.

Please note that the schedule of the gardening tasks may vary due to different factors such as the weather, irrigation, etc.

Week 52 – From 27.12.2022 to 30.12.2022
Week 1 – From 03.01.2023 to 07.01.2023
Week 2 – From 09.01.2023 to 14.01.2023

REMOVAL OF DANGEROUS TREES – HEALTH & SAFETYBelow is the information provided by STV related to the removal of dangerous trees:

“Continuing with the analysis of trees that we are carrying out with a view to the pruning that is being programmed for January, four trees have been detected that are going to be removed for the following reasons:””This tree is located in Índico 71 (Phase 2) due to its instability and the poor grip of its roots, it is going to be removed. Picture below:”

“This tree is located at Adriatico 28 (Phase 3), it has been found to be dry and will be removed. Picture below:”

“Phase 1: Due to the inclement weather in the resort, in this case a strong wind, the few roots of the tree have been separated from the ground and it has fallen.””This tree is located next to Atlántico 2 (Phase 7) a high hazard tree was identified and should be removed promptly. It had only shallow roots and had already fallen on the patio of the adjoining house last year so it should be removed. Picture below:

“REMINDER OF THE LARGE TREE PRUNING. It is planned that STV starts with the pruning of large trees on Monday 9.01.2023 in Phase 1 (Atlántico 74 – 170). There will be a further communication next week with the progress of the work in Phase 1 and the date to start on the next Phase, P7. The order to follow will be Phase 1, 7, 6, 2, 5, 3 & 4. 


STV has focused their work on 3 main tasks such as the pruning of the hedges and shrubs, gardening maintenance tasks in El Casón and surranding areas, and the removal of weeds along the perimeter fence outside HR to improve the security of the area. 

Thank you.

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