Communication 19 – Action on Trees


Dear Owners,

During the review of the trees in HR, carried out in 2023, a number of trees were detected which, due to their proximity to the façades, are or could cause damage to the structure of some buildings. 

Other causalities are trees that are twisted and in danger of falling. 

It is for the above reasons that the Board has agreed with the assessment and recommendations presented by STV. 

This project starts in 2024 and will continue in successive years as it is not possible to carry out everything that is intended in a single year. 

The reports provided by STV by phase are included below. Each report includes the trees to be removed and their nearest addresses. 

The same document includes a plan of the area in the phase where the location of the tree to be removed is marked in red and the location of a new species to be planted is marked in blue. 

Certainly the new units will be suitable for the terrain and weather conditions of the area (little water). It has also been taken into account to plant them in the area where a tree is to be removed, but not in the same place to avoid repeating the same problems.

Phase 1 Report
Phase 2 Report
Phase 3 Report
Phase 4 Report
Phase 5A Report
Phase 5B Report
Phase 6 Report
Phase 7 Report

The order to follow will be Phase 5, 1, 7, 6, 2, 3 & 4, and the work is planned to start on Monday 5th February 2024. It will take a month to complete all the phases.

Please note, that the planning may alter and work may be delayed due to weather conditions.
Thank you,
Kind regards,