Communication 179 – Gardening Schedule

15054da3-1116-36ee-a7b9-44cb34bad9a1.jpg Dear owners, 

The works carried out during the previous week (49) have been completed as scheduled. Below are the works completed last week. Phases 1, 5a, 5b, 3, 2, 6 & 7 blowing of hedges for sweeper lorry. Phase 6 general pruning and cleaning of hedges. Phase 2 watering of cypress trees in Town Hall areas. Phase 7 manual weeding. Entrance of the Resort roundabout, planting of new plants. Entrance of Resort roundabout, watering of new plants and pine bark. Below is the schedule for this week´s work (week 50). Week 50 – From 11th to 16th December 2023 Please note that the schedule of the gardening tasks may be interrupted due to weather (rain, wind, etc.) SOME PICTURES OF WORKS CARRIED OUT DURING THE LAST WEEK 52c1a002-ae52-3af2-f8c9-16624091ca72.jpg 8226f9eb-39e1-100d-b053-cf00c67f6d94.jpg 25754e5e-a72d-abaa-619a-4d51e58d98a4.jpg 860c760a-bad4-a96b-db0c-f6ac09fe2109.jpg c46f8204-18b5-04e2-9f81-6437505ba7c9.jpg 6f55080c-da6c-71bd-3071-a8db35f5c4d6.jpg 04e1d36e-d68a-205d-d1e2-ec4d77e955e7.jpg 56ef0eef-5d3e-5ede-4894-124523181dac.jpg 3d11bf52-981c-bf79-59e1-80d9615e91d0.jpg af42e68c-bea3-697e-f8f0-c6323eec9f14.jpg f449e289-29ce-3cdd-a526-0ed8a735f1b4.jpg 321a205e-8fbf-e54b-7285-f12da9a5541d.jpg 6fa61147-b109-2c2f-9945-e1c256daf9a4.jpg aa1ce83e-c8ae-c65e-b3e5-61879f834d9f.jpg Thank you.
Kind regards, bb3bd7dc-a643-4868-9110-4161df6c806f.jpg