Communication 173 – Gardening Schedule


f8873706-24cf-11f8-ba18-76eb8cd54cb2.jpg Dear owners, 

The works carried out during the previous week (47) have been completed as scheduled. Below are the works completed last week. Phase 7 general pruning, cleaning of front parts and spraying of weeds on the lawn. Phases 7, 6 and 4 blowing of weeds for sweeper truck. Phase 1 general pruning and cleaning. Phases 2, 7 and 6 manual weeding in gravel areas. Manual watering of new plants. Manual watering and cleaning in El Casón and Phase 4. Phases 3 and 4 removal of iron posts in grass areas. Various pruning and cleaning in El Casón. Removing sprinklers from under hedges. Raking of gravel on Polaris lines in all phases. Irrigation system maintenance. Below is the schedule for this week´s work (week 48). Week 48 – From 27th November to 2nd December 2023 Please note that the schedule of the gardening tasks may be interrupted due to weather (rain, wind, etc.) SOME PICTURES OF WORKS CARRIED OUT DURING THE LAST WEEK cd552060-3b23-db36-e135-e84666097f48.jpg 2cd01079-2f0a-8e0e-2996-7ca60953796b.jpg 48b9922a-6122-6020-10c7-58ae07b823ea.jpg c0a5a4a3-49e7-5311-1591-5555ea3e6daa.jpg e1f39e61-3600-1544-2b5e-5b1c45c861c0.jpg 46ec5a2b-2b4a-f508-baef-ccc054cedcdd.jpg d4af923f-3bc3-1007-6702-890437134d46.jpg 430e6d77-6434-27fd-89ec-9bb3c710dc4e.jpg a1ed2502-757c-dd35-1295-430abb6a12b5.jpg 4bacda14-2c12-e5db-6497-76d15edfe2e7.jpg 973c72f0-96d0-cffd-6e51-6e57589fadc9.jpg 0ae64df2-c2e2-3016-51a0-866547123906.jpg d41e5dba-036f-02ab-d305-4f94cbc3620e.jpg 664fc215-1657-c64b-03fd-0b9a3cba6daf.jpg 281ed251-7edb-d7a7-ae0f-5f63d40fd00e.jpg 40e8cfb5-fb0f-902c-b750-48ef50210df9.jpg 447cc3f5-6aed-af2a-17b4-cbafbe7644a9.jpg 231cc691-1105-dab2-311c-9a254d3fd046.jpg 48b448f1-6cb0-8e87-d51d-c0ef7c1515af.jpg 4ad64079-8fd3-e770-f185-aa16d5329ef0.jpg 63799f2d-55e7-84b7-4a05-6662c5909584.jpg dc812fa5-47ca-1deb-d29b-6dd998eb30ba.jpg 10a4d415-2d4f-6d0f-05ce-ac9ce80f1b42.jpg c16c229e-2a48-5f89-a023-0d6fbbb16e86.jpg 48b01b4a-246e-4ab7-8954-6e12053826cf.jpg 1f4ba0c0-1f1d-ac26-841c-b6a177cecc0d.jpg Thank you.
Kind regards, bb3bd7dc-a643-4868-9110-4161df6c806f.jpg