Communication 168 – WORKS STORM TANK PHASE 6

Dear Owners,

The water company of Murcia (EMUASA) has contacted the HRGR Admin team this week to inform about the works they plan to carry out in HR from Monday 20.11.2023.

After the meeting held with the heads of EMUASA and the subcontracted company (SORIGUÉ) that will be in charge of the execution of the work, we can inform you in more detail about the purpose and planning of the works.


The main objective of the work is to create an access to the storm tank deposit (end of phase 6) located under the plot marked in red on the plan below.
It is intended to make an access (manhole) that will involve excavation to a depth of approximately 9 metres to create 3 levels of 3 metres each.

This will improve accessibility for maintenance and cleaning of the entire tank. 59921a93-bd6e-9daf-88e4-f26caf82bbb5.png 2c6dfffd-7b7f-2a24-20b3-e727248529e4.png The blue area marked in the plan above is where the contractor will store the extra soil and necesary materials for and during the works.
The 2 pictures below are of the areas in blue.  ae4bb834-ff7a-f095-3d6d-458206e098df.jpg d15dd552-00df-8c57-4f97-ef4f2d5a578a.jpg In the plan below, the arrow points out the area where the works will take place in HR, at the bottom of Phase 6. 
And the pictures are of the storm tank and of the area where the underground deposit is located.  c0b94cf2-f4f3-832c-62b3-d5a95e4f5d35.jpg efe1666b-cb28-dd78-b70c-f4ff9556c9fe.jpg d1907622-fa1a-40a8-3bb0-fa519add3d89.jpg 0f5d7fe3-8b70-dcb8-5a53-c8ab415b0941.jpg The area shown in the picture below is where the access (manhole) will be located.  db7bd58b-038a-d902-ed25-8d19ef77180d.jpg PLANNING OF THE WORKS
  The company in charge of the execution of the works is SORIGUÉ, subcontracted by EMUASA. EMUASA will coordinate and supervise the works at all times. The duration of the work is expected to be approximately 4 months. Work is scheduled to start on Monday 20.11.2023.  The operators will work from Monday to Friday from 8.00 am to 6.00 pm. Road closure indicators will be set up at the roundabout connecting Indico Street with Atlántico Street between phases 6 & 7, and at the roundabout close to Indico 49 in Phase 2.  The road will not be closed on Monday 20.11.2023. Further notice will be given to the owners in a second communication when the contractor informs with the date of the closing of the road. In the image below, the section that will be closed to traffic is marked in red. And in yellow the access to the buildings listed below from Indico 1 to Indico 49. 235046e8-7187-d5cc-5c60-22af7b427f27.png 0913bda8-6d6b-089b-ecf6-8d5388d45b1f.png 8ad8250d-0d25-9a99-16a3-3394470ddb18.png Access will only be granted to owners of: Mejorana 7 (Indico 17, 19, 21) Phase 6 Jengibre 8 (Indico 11, 13, 15) Phase 6 Mejorana 10 10 (Indico 5, 7, 9) Phase 6 Romero 6 (Indico 1, 3) Phase 6 Ajedrea 3 (Indico 23-25) Phase 2 Romero 4 (Indico 27-29) Phase 2 Mejorana 4 (Indico 31, 33 & 35) Phase 2 Jengibre 3 Indico 37, 39 & 41) Phase 2 Cilantro 8 (Indico 43, 45, 47 & 49) Phase 2 As well as to contractors, KEY HOLDERS, or companies that are to provide services at these addresses.
Thus: Residents in buildings listed above as well as their KEY HOLDERS, utility companies, etc. will have access to the area.  Phase 7 residents will only be able to access phase 7 (Atlántico 2 – 72) via Atlántico Street by turning right at the roundabout before the commercial area (El Casón).  During the duration of the works there will be times when there will be bad smells in the area. Unfortunately, this is unavoidable as they have to empty the tank of accumulated sludge due to waste from the sewage network.

The movement of lorries and heavy vehicles from the entrance to the work site will be frequent at different times during the four months indicated.

Security will be provided with the names and data of the workers as well as the vehicles entering the resort so there is a better control. 

During the course of the work, any damage or dirt that has been caused will be the responsibility of EMUASA, who will remedy it as a matter of urgency. 

The affected area will be left in a suitable condition on completion of the work.

EMUASA and SORIGUÉ will keep the Self-Administration team updated on the works and any changes in the planning. So, we will keep all the owners informed of any changes. We apologies for any inconvenience it may cause you.
Thank you for your cooperation.
Kind regards, bb3bd7dc-a643-4868-9110-4161df6c806f.jpg