Communication 167 – Gardening Schedule



Dear owners, 

The works carried during the previous week (45) have not been completed as scheduled, as it was scheduled to prune the hedges on the weekend 11.11.2023, but it was not possible, so it was rescheduled for this week. Below are the works completed last week. Pine needle collection in phases 1, 5b, sport area, etc. Pruning and cleaning in the front parts of phases 3 & 5. Blowing for the sweeper truck in phase 6 and phase 2. Fumigation of weeds in the lawn of phase 3, phase 2 back parts. Watering of the new plants in El Casón, in Phase 4, etc. Fumigation of cypress trees in Phase 2 & Town Hall areas. Manual irrigation support in the most affected areas. Gravel raking in Polaris areas and roundabouts. Manual weeding. Irrigation system maintenance, etc.
Below is the schedule for this week´s work (week 46).

Week 46 – From 13th to 18th November 2023

Please note that the schedule of the gardening tasks may be interrupted due to weather (rain, wind, etc.) SOME PICTURES OF WORKS CARRIED OUT DURING THE LAST WEEK 8e583ad0-48ea-aa5c-424d-423000fed50b.jpg fc1b17ff-b9cf-c1b8-6404-daf9ae28791c.jpg 82c793e3-2a0a-9b2f-ffcd-58759a6f150f.jpg 37139278-5cb7-45b9-7ecd-0dd568d380cb.jpg e4e35d8e-c203-d560-cb0f-d8078eb3cbcb.jpg e70a5f91-6059-a0d8-e066-fe59e536cbb0.jpg 35d94e2d-c968-5d16-a347-4744b34eb32d.jpg 988e67c8-e334-10a4-c32d-ee817f5c88b4.jpg 49ecebbc-2cd0-c4f9-af0e-af73b67a1fd0.jpg a443a4ce-ac17-da31-a5be-7fa5add380b0.jpg 61c9767c-f81e-0228-9bb4-57285b784319.jpg 4fd4260c-ec3e-f6e6-3c94-d82919199f74.jpg 3eeed0c8-6b34-6b3c-0fd6-b4afa28225b7.jpg 182e8351-6142-6d73-faa4-beabb65336b2.jpg 63cae956-d166-f43c-b999-3f6a0ad3c9ac.jpg 3fce8cf2-765c-f80b-4038-17ac769d0a0c.jpg ef76751d-9862-cdf9-6da9-5815eb1dd5e4.jpg 3b3a0596-eb5d-d92e-e7fa-c3f0d0cda50a.jpg 199a4e5e-c374-2811-7d06-e8776ed479c1.jpg 6abe8973-ac64-3d27-35b3-2d8fbbfbe7b4.jpg e40a066e-2dec-b2b2-d79d-85951c0bde45.jpg 7e1295eb-46d6-15c0-1e34-e1acbc696201.jpg f451534b-6617-43cb-527c-a5abf4574671.jpg d83a2fc8-65b3-b85c-6661-764c0e49e707.jpg Thank you.
Kind regards, bb3bd7dc-a643-4868-9110-4161df6c806f.jpg