Communication 163 – Minutes of EGM GC HRGR & Governing Council EUCC

09a27022-f8c2-48f2-a36d-adab7f054e16.png COMMUNICATION 163 MINUTES EGM GC HRGR & GOVERNING COUNCIL EUCC
Dear Owners,

The self-administration team have worked hard to ensure where possible savings are made on contracts where savings can be made, for example the electricity supply of the resort street lighting.

The board members have also been working hard to decide the most cost-effective expenditure to ensure that the resort is not only maintained but improved.

The draft budgets for both GC and EUCC have now been prepared and are attached.

Taking all this into account and combining the overall costs of both the General Community and the EUCC the proposed draft increase for 2024 is 5%, which includes the current forecast of 4.5% increase for CPI.

Please find below the links to download the minutes of the meeting of the EUCC Governing Council held the 27.10.2023 and the minutes of the EGM of the GC of HRGR held the 31.10.2023. You can also download the financial reports produced for both meetings. 

Oficial Minutes EUCC Governing Council meeting 27.10.2023 English version – Minutes EUCC

Governing Council Meeting 27.10.2023 Financial report related to items 3, 4 & 5 of the agenda

Oficial Minutes EGM GC HRGR 31.10.2023 English version – Minutes EGM of the GC of HRGR

31.10.2023 Financial report related to items 6 & 7 of the agenda

Thank you.
Kind regards, bb3bd7dc-a643-4868-9110-4161df6c806f.jpg