Communication 160 –


COMMUNICATION 160 CARE IN THE COMMUNITY COFFEE AT EL CASÓN bbbf98ec-d9c8-e71d-774f-951157e31f8e.png

You may have already read about the Project called “Care in the Community”.
There are a few things on progress that will be communicated to you all in due course. However, to start with we are planning a Coffee & and a Chat at El Casón back terrace.
It is going to be on Tuesday 7.11.2023 at 11.15 at El Casón.
The main objective is just to meet people from HR, have a Coffee and a nice chat and, who knows?, build a great group to help each other when necessary.
It is always better to have a good close neighbour than a distant relative. Thank you.
Kind regards,
Richard Deeley & Chris Elliott Resort President & Phase 5A President bb3bd7dc-a643-4868-9110-4161df6c806f.jpg