Communication 16 – Gardening Schedule

09a27022-f8c2-48f2-a36d-adab7f054e16.png COMMUNICATION 16 GARDENING SCHEDULE
91d8ae48-85ea-4cda-700e-0b423b433e9d.jpg Dear owners, 

The works scheduled for weeks 4 to 7 (from 23rd January to 18th February 2023) were focused on the following actions: Pruning of pennisetum in the area of the Town Hall in Phase 1, Removal of tumbleweeds, Watering of seasonal plants, Removal of broken branches, Manual and mechanical weeding and cleaning, Blowing accompanied by sweeper truck in phase 5, 5b, 6 and 1 (pavements and garages), Tree pruning in phases 2, 3 and 5, Cleaning of stockpile and application of sealant on tree scars with broken branches due to wind gusts Pruning of ficus front parts of Phase 1. Leveling gravel area on the strips alongside the streets.  Maintenance of the shrubs hedges and palm trees around around to pools. All the tasks were complied as per the schedule.    Below is the schedule for works to be carried out this week (week 8). Week 8 – From 20th February to 25th February
REMOVAL OF DRY TREE – HEALTH & SAFETY Below is the information provided by STV related to the removal of a dried tree in Phase 5B:

“One dry tree has been detected at phase 5B, removal recommended”.

It has already been removed.  2fa45f31-b0c6-d867-bfef-02a4e3f00704.jpg SOME PICTURES OF WORKS CARRIED OUT DURING THE LAST WEEKS 7df8ba68-e7b8-e083-43b1-fa73cd52702c.jpg 8630cccf-b0e0-fe18-7203-debe29739b0f.jpg d4928145-619c-4d1d-d757-38c7cd521cce.jpg b190708b-19a5-0279-6cb9-51101fe8ddc8.jpg 827e1240-5470-1bb1-dda8-0d5232c3ea8f.jpg 8698c112-2adf-548e-1cd9-1b9dd1802fc1.jpg b77127b9-392d-8a8a-61a2-b21682b2d35d.jpg c561f36c-6893-b1a9-6387-44c5cf8e78f9.jpg e96ddd63-9326-d4fe-30cc-6058baa93886.jpg 639bc3a6-ef11-567b-5cb4-084e182de70b.jpg b825fee1-ccd7-ab35-09cd-78d08c2f347c.jpg ce0025ee-4baf-e41d-837a-33f2d0055478.jpg 3b68cce0-e0f1-ed22-0003-8bc04ecc29f2.jpg ef962262-31cc-37f0-4fdf-acfa2af90b6a.jpg d3ae3974-206d-baa1-9818-1a23d13b8691.jpg 98224116-bbee-0ec8-9aac-ff5812440409.jpg 2756223f-2d3f-3a51-5395-c60b0aa9f84e.jpg f833385a-79e9-a5f7-bba2-ad23e37ad01e.jpg cc43a74c-9a67-85af-51cc-3b32a59f5ed8.jpg edd19f6c-2456-c783-ea2b-1cc320b15250.jpg 534780e2-c0bf-8034-8842-0ff61bdae243.jpg 968ad459-9faa-8360-bc7a-213e793b9f1f.jpg b358c0c8-8aa2-7e98-3b55-6099d704a759.jpg Thank you.
Kind regards, May we remind you that there is an application to report incidents created exclusively for Hacienda Riquelme owners. This will speed up the reporting and resolution of incidents. For more information please contact bb3bd7dc-a643-4868-9110-4161df6c806f.jpg