Communication 148 – Gardening Plans 2023/2024

Dear owners,

A combination of very high temperatures and reductions in our irrigation water supply meant that 2023 wasn’t as successful as we had hoped, however there is significant improvement in many areas. 
In the last month, the garden review team which includes STV have reviewed all areas of the community land, with respect to trees, hedges and grassed areas. 
Quotations for improvement in 2024 for each of these areas are being prepared to present to the Board. These will be reviewed alongside all other financial commitments, which will determine the pace of the continuation of the improvement works. 
Apart from one specific area nothing more on the improvement programme will be carried out in 2023. 
The area is:

Phase 5B, the frontage of two buildings where significant excavation took place earlier this year, not once but twice. This killed all the grass, destroyed all the irrigation system and left it looking like a bare field. 
Hard landscaping is planned to commence in that area this month, weather permitting. 
Due to the expenditure required for trees, hedges and lawns, the first 33% replanting programme will recommence and complete in 2024. The second 33% will commence in 2025. 
In spring 2024 we shall issue the plans for the continued improvements to the gardens, which are dependent on weather. 
As and when STV commence works such as tree pruning, tree or hedge replacements, communications will be issued advising of the proposed timeframes.  Thank you,
Kind regards, 
The Garden Review Team bb3bd7dc-a643-4868-9110-4161df6c806f.jpg