Communication 142 – Questions & Answers Public Auction PW Parking Spaces in Buildings

Dear Owners, 

Following the recent communications 121 – “Public Auction PW Parking Spaces in Buildings” and 123 – “Public Auction Do you have any Questions”, we have received several questions from owners relating to this.
Thank you to the owners who submitted questions to date to which you would have received an acknowledgement thereof. The questions have all been consolidated into one report and an answer has been provided by the Working Group, the Resort Manager and also reviewed by the HR Lawyer. Please note that several of the same questions have been repeated by multiple owners so not every question has been added but the same answer applies to the repeated questions. 

Please, find the link below.

Questions and answers – PW parking spaces auction

It is the intention to add to the report any further questions and update as required and we will share with Owners ongoing. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to email so this can be added to the log and an answer provided.  

Disclaimer – please note that whilst all questions have been answered to the best of our knowledge and with good intent, it is still the potential Purchaser of any PW garage space responsibility to seek their own legal advise.

Thank you.
Kind regards,
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