Communication 118 – Pools Survey in November 2023



Dear Owners,

At the Board Meeting held on 28 June 2023, it was agreed that the 2023 Swimming Pool survey would be issued in September 2023 which was earlier than last years Survey. The reason to bring this forward was to allow owners to provide feedback on the pools and the pool guards at the end of the summer period and not 5 months after the period where they may not have recalled their pool experiences.   The purpose of this communication is to advise that this survey will be delayed until early November.   As you are aware, a wristband pilot has been introduced on HR for the period August to October 2023. We, as a Board, feel it is crucial and important we hear from Owners on your views on all pool events. We are, therefore, going to expand the swimming pool survey to include questions about the wristband pilot.   A further communication will be issued once the survey has been launched and requesting Owners to complete. There is no further change planned for the usual surveys, which will be issued as agreed 1st week January 2024 and results and analysis being made available in February 2024, ahead of the planned 2024 AGM’s. However, we may seek the opinion of owners, which is valued and important, on other matters in the meantime. 
Thank you. 
Kind regards,
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