Communication 109 – Arson and Intentioned Did you See Anything?

Dear owners,

When we hear the word summer we all like to think of holidays, swimming pools, beaches and good times with family and friends. 

But with summer also comes heat waves, temperatures in excess of 40 degrees, water restrictions and therefore dry scrubland. These three factors together make the risk of fire really high.

Unfortunately, yesterday evening´s outbreak of fire at the back of Indico 71 was allegedly arson.

The fire was allegedly intentionally set between 19.35 and 19.45 p.m. on Thursday 10.08.2023 (Spanish time). 
The area where the arson attack started is the back of the apartment located at Indico 71. 

The suspected arsonist was walking around the back of the Indico 71 building.
They could have come from the front of the building walking between Indico 69 and 71.
The other option is that they could have walked past the back of Indico 67-69 and come from the pool area 2-2. 
Once the fire was set, the alleged perpetrator could have walked out from the back of pool 2-3, between Indico 71 and 85. He could also have walked towards the golf course. 

Did you see a person possibly walking alone through the scrub area of the golf course at that point and time? 

The plan below shows in red with green markers the direction that the alleged perpetrator might have taken. 

The blue X marks the presumed starting point of the fire. 7db10687-1a73-2fbf-f12d-c96290f6a10a.png Did anyone see anything?   There were a lot of people in the area yesterday evening when the fire broke out. From the General Community of HRGR we are going to file a denuncia with the Guardia Civil today without fail so that the facts can be investigated. 

If anyone present in the area yesterday afternoon saw anything suspicious or was a witness, please contact us urgently at 

Your details will be treated confidentially, and no information will be passed on to the Guardia Civil without your prior written permission.

Below are photographs of what happened yesterday. 8a99009e-c49f-430b-fe79-4b09e167b22b.png d062cbe1-ef03-17c0-9d86-5d786fe9ec95.png 54de4adb-092b-afab-61c8-cdd46bcd9749.jpg d5eca4a7-059e-ba91-6cb5-03561f0bbcc4.jpg 93862993-1ed6-38b6-0d97-9f62ec84d3b2.jpg d930f656-b3ee-e815-cddc-b5b293e2d415.jpg fbba74f9-57a6-6948-e561-f66e3dcec834.jpg a90aba90-5415-c36c-43a0-f9ad73127dbc.jpg 45946d2b-da3d-30a0-b969-f44fde4febc4.jpg 78c32915-2efd-e33c-f5de-2243ebf54607.jpg The fire could have had catastrophic consequences, and without the quick action of the local residents and the security guard, we could be lamenting a lot of damage right now. 
The Civil Protection services of Murcia City Council also attended the area to help control the situation and prevent it from reigniting. 
We would like to take this opportunity to send a very special thank you to the guard Marin, to all the people who were in the area and who anonymously helped to put out the fire by bringing water from the swimming pool to the area. A human chain organised by a Northern Ireland firefighter enjoying her holiday in HR, Joanne McAndrew-Kossakowska.    THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH! Kind regards,  bb3bd7dc-a643-4868-9110-4161df6c806f.jpg