Communication 92 – Information Office

COMMUNICATION 92 INFORMATION OFFICE Dear owners, Please find below a communication sent by the volunteers of the Information Office: “Dear owners,   One of the issues raised recently was the use of the information point as a collection point for the disposal of items by owners, particularly referenced by the leaving of books outside the […]

Communication 72 – Gardening Schedule

Please, do not reply to this e-mail COMMUNICATION 72GARDENING SCHEDULE Dear owners,  The works carried out in the previous week (24) have been completed as scheduled, except the manual weeding of phase 7, which took place yesterday 19.06.2023 and will be completed today.Phases 4,6,7 blowing of lawns for sweeper truck,Phases 3,2,6,7 grass cutting in private terraces,Manual weeding,P4 pruning and […]