Communication 54 – Street Closed Due To Works

COMMUNICATION 54 – STREET CLOSED DUE TO WORKS IRRIGATION PUMPING STATION Due to the works that are being carried out at the moment for the construction of the new irrigation pumping station in HR, may we inform you that from tomorrow, Monday 15.04.2024 at 8.00 a.m. Indico Street will be closed in its entrance lane to phase […]


COMMUNICATION 50 – The company in charge of the pest control in HR – Anticimex – has confirmed the schedules for the treatments against mosquitoes for this season, 2024. Please find the dates and times in the chart below.  RECOMMENDATIONS FOR THE TREATED AREAS Doors and windows should remain closed whilst the treatment is being carried out.Animals […]

Communication 48 –

COMMUNICATION 48 – SUMMER TIME SUNDAY 31ST MARCH 2024 We would like to inform you that this weekend we will officially be in summer time. It will be in the early hours of Saturday 30th to Sunday 31st March when we will be moving the clock forward by one hour, i.e. two o’clock will be three […]

Communication 180 – Maintenance on TV Network

COMMUNICATION 180 MAINTENANCE ON THE TV NETWORK 14.12.2023  The HR Telecommunications company AVATEL has sent us the following notice: “Good morning May we inform you that tomorrow 14/12/2023 we are going to carry out maintenance work on the television network so the signal may fail or be totally lost punctually, the work will be carried out between […]

Communication 178 – Feral Cats DO NOT FEED

COMMUNICATION 178 FERAL CATS PLEASE DO NOT FEED THEM As you may be aware, HR has a feral cat population. The community also has a group of volunteer owners who work hard to keep the feral cat population under control. They also take care of the feeding points so that the cats do not roam […]

Communication 175 – General Water Cut Today 29/11/2023

COMMUNICATION 175 GENERAL WATER CUT IN HR TODAY WEDNESDAY 29.11.2023 Further to communication 174, sent out this evening, here is an update and information on the new water cut planned for tomorrow.  Last nights unexpected water cut was due to an electrical failure in the pumping system that supplies HR with drinking water. This pump is located […]

Communication 174 – Unexpected Water Cut

COMMUNICATION 174 UNEXPECTED GENERAL WATER CUT IN HR THIS EVENING  Just a few minutes ago we were informed of an unscheduled and unexpected water cut due to a problem in the main pumping station that supplies drinking water to the residents of Hacienda Riquelme.  EMUASA is currently working to restore the supply as a matter of […]

Communication 160 –

COMMUNICATION 160 CARE IN THE COMMUNITY COFFEE AT EL CASÓN  You may have already read about the Project called “Care in the Community”. There are a few things on progress that will be communicated to you all in due course. However, to start with we are planning a Coffee & and a Chat at El Casón […]

Communication 148 – Gardening Plans 2023/2024

COMMUNICATION 148 GARDENING PLANS 2023/2024 Dear owners, A combination of very high temperatures and reductions in our irrigation water supply meant that 2023 wasn’t as successful as we had hoped, however there is significant improvement in many areas. In the last month, the garden review team which includes STV have reviewed all areas of the community […]

Communication 147 – Gardening Schedule

COMMUNICATION 147 GARDENING SCHEDULE Dear owners,  The works carried out in the previous week (41) have been completed as scheduled. Phases 1 and 7 fumigation of hedges against cochineal. Phases 2, 3 and 6 hedge pruning in private courtyard and cleaning. HR entrance and Phase 1, cutting of trees and broken branches. General pruning, weeding, cleaning […]